David M’s Story

male_1Living life after Levaquin has been challenging to say the least. Prescribed in 2007 for an unconfirmed infection, I experienced slowly deteriorating health thereafter. The symptoms of my illness encompassed everything from neurological, muscular-skeletal, digestive, and much more. I had to retire early at the end 2012, a full decade earlier that I had anticipated. This impacted our family greatly, forcing my wife to return to menial work, and having to accept occasional financial assistance from two adult children, while still raising three children at home, one of whom is disabled. To meet our financial needs, our nest egg had to be depleted in order to pay financial obligations, get out from under debt, and pay medical bills. We now, with my meager retirement and my wife’s part time work, fall near the federal poverty guidelines. I estimated I have lost over seven figures due to retiring a decade early. I had to push myself to an early retirement date in order to gain basic health care for myself and my family. To achieve this, I had to push myself while in the throes of an adverse drug response and it took a heavy toll on my body. It was one of the hardest things I ever faced, much worse than any challenges I faced as a law enforcement official. Each day is challenging from a health perspective. Today, I have progressing severe and debilitating fatigue, body wide degenerative joint disease, and several neurological pathologies. Prior to, I was employed in law enforcement and had the physique of an athlete. Now, every day is filled with pain, both physical and emotional. I have become separated from friends and some family, some of whom are unable to grasp that an antibiotic could cause such devastation. I am unable to regularly participate in, or attend, social activities, such as church services, funerals, weddings, etc… Never warned of any risks, even though safer alternatives were available, I would have chosen not to take Levaquin for a non-life threatening health condition.