Dave R’s Story

Male 2I have a long story and having trouble entering it here would like to send my docs or PTF email or mmesskage cipro destroyed my life financially it has hurt my family putting so much extra heavy load on my wife she had to do double work we have 8 kids 11 grandkids I first took cipro in 2005 I had a severe reaction to it in 2006 didn’t know my health issues were related to the cipro after that in 2010 when I was heavily sedated after an emergency surgery I had three in 11 days in intensive care. someone forgot to check my medication allergy list they gave the only two drugs on my allergy list.They gave me levofloxacin in my IV I couldn’t feel the surgery but the second she shot that in the IV line I almost jumped out of the bed made the nurse unhook the line saying I would do it if she didn’t. A screaming siren in my head seeing double like a burn under my brain my entire nervous system was a electrical short out that didn’t stop burning. 4 years later it never let’s me forget this is a hard to manage pain. memory loss brain fog tinnitus cross eyed freezing most of the time with a hot flash sweat and then back to that shooting cold freezing like internal pain from your feet all the way up to your back. but the worst part yes I can’t stay focused and this drug causes anxiety.