Patricia B’s Story

female_1I was under Dr. care for stage 3 breast cancer when I had my first blood clot which was treated but I devoloped a infection when they removed my mediport and the wound didnt heal so i was on 1000mg of cipro and complained about the pain was so bad i could not move my right leg,Dr then put me on leviquin 1000mg the pain became worse still he would not take me off the drug untill my leg gave out and I fell down my apt stairs.I no longer have full use of my right legin 2013 i had what the Dr. though was bells palsy and had it 2 times in 2013 I now have face spaz and the bottom lip to neck is paralized,also my right eye lid is also effected. I also have muscle spaz so bad in my back and chest so i can no longer work.