Kerry T’s Story

female_1I was given the Fluoroquinolone Levaquin in july/august of 2004 for what was believed to be pneumonia and a colon infection. Within about 3 days of starting the meds, I began having a weird pressure sensation in my head…almost like being under water except the pressure was inside my skull. The pressure continued for a day or so, so i went to my doctor to have it checked. He ran blood tests and checked my thyroid, and nothing was found.… See full story

Gail D’s Story

Female 1I started taking quinolones in college when I had occasional bladder infections. I never had any issues with Noroxin. Once I had a severe sun sensitivity and first degree burns over most of my body. That drug they eventually removed from the market for that very reason. As an adult I took Ciprofloxacin numerous times without incident. However once in my late 30’s I took a some and developed stiffness in both my Achilles tendons. This was before the black… See full story

Jodi G’s Story

Female 2my names Jodi, I am 52 I was into physical fitness my entire life. at 49 i was given cipro for a recurring uti. i was on and off for 2 years, over 200 pills. in that time i began having knee problems really bad,not connecting it and still taking cipro then i got an autommune disease and i got this weird rash and eyes twitching, it got worse i got surgery on my knee even though the mri showed… See full story

Betsy H’s Story

female_1I was an active healthy mother of 3 who exercised regularly. Then I took 4 pills of Ciprofloxacin in Feb. of 2007 for sinusitis. I had a severe reaction. I had severe pressure in my head, couldn’t walk without holding onto something, was disoriented and extremely fatigued but couldn’t sleep. Once you stop taking the medication that made you sick you’ll be fine as long as you don’t take it again – right? That was what I thought. I was… See full story

Sherry R’s Story

Female 2Believe it or not, it has been over 17 years since I put two and two together that I was a victim of being “Floxed”! In May of 1997 after a hysterectomy and being discharged from the hospital at the ripe old age of 46, I became quite ill two days later and was back in the hospital with an unknown infection. For 5 days I was IV’d and for 5 days I thought I was going to die. Every… See full story

Rachelle T’s Story

female_1My Fluroquinolone Toxicity Story “Well, in 25 years of practice I haven’t seen worse. I don’t know if she will ever come out of this or if she will have permanent side effects….10-12 more hours and she would have been dead. You see this pill?” My husband nodded at the Psychiatrist that saved my life… “This will knock you out for 8 hours (my husband is a big guy!), I want you to give her two.” A couple hours later… See full story

Cassie M’s Story

Female 2My experience started with a complaint of stomach pains and diarrhea. Going into an Urgent Care facility, where I was prescribed Metronidazol. Then made an appointment with my regular doctor, once I’d finished the prescription and the pain continued. Not knowing what was causing it and the doctor tossing around ideas of what it could be, I agreed to try another antibiotic “Cipro”, coupled with a higher dose of metronidazol. This was in August 2012. Within an hour of taking… See full story

Victoria A’s Story

female_1I was a 41 yr old hot bad ass chick who loved to ride my harley, catch big tunas and dance on the docks til the sun came up. Then I went to the ER and was prescribed Cipro on 9/22/2013 for a week to treat a POSSIBLE infection in my finger from fishing. I finished my script but was not feeling quite right. I went back to the ER on 10/4 and said “Something is not right” I told… See full story

Joanne C’s Story

Female 1In April 2011, I was poisoned by a prescription antibiotic, the fluoroquinolone Cipro. I was prescribed this “medication” for an uncomplicated, routine Urinary Tract Infection. After only 6 days of 250mg x 2 daily (low dose), I was suddenly hit with a host of symptoms. Within two hours I went from being a healthy, 49 year-old adult to someone mutilated from head to toe, fighting for my life. My life changed irreversibly. I was diagnosed with partial paralysis (Gillian-Barre Syndrome),… See full story

Dean C’s Story

male_1Before my 2nd and 3rd surgeries in 2009 and 2011, I was prescribed 3 weeks of ciprofloxacin (generic), with the only evidence of possible infection being a swollen and painful testicle. The testicle eventually had to be removed (in 2011). Since 2009, for six years now, I have been in constant unrelenting pain, particularly in the legs and feet but also in the hands and face. I also have tremors, involuntary movements, tinnitus, Raynaud’s syndrome, central sleep apnea, sharp night… See full story