Kim S’s Story

female_1During the summer of 2013 I was a very active healthy 51 year old woman. My job kept me on the go 24-7, I was exercising daily and I had just lost 30 pounds.

I developed a cold which turned into a cough which then turned into bronchitis. My doctor put me on levaquin and steroids which I questioned him about and he just asked me if I wanted to get better or not? so, trusting my doctor I took the medicine.
This is when my life changed forever.

Nothing that I noticed directly happened right after I took the pills but within 6 weeks my life changed in just one day. I had a horrible headache for 3 days and woke up one morning nauseous and dizzy and sweaty and I passed out.

That began many many months of doctors visits, specialists, tests, hospital stays, emergency room visits to try to figure out just what was happening to me. I passed out 3 times during a two month time frame. And nobody could figure out what was wrong with me.

I was exhausted, I had extreme brain fog, I had stinging and tingliness and numbness from my knees down and I literally could not get off the couch.

I even went to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and they couldn’t help me with anything. I started reading online and doing some research because at first I thought I had Lyme disease. I was tested 3 times and all came back negative. Once I learned about fluoroquinolone poisoning I discovered that that is exactly what was wrong with me.

One of the neurologist I saw confirmed that I had a b6 toxicity and vitamin K toxicity neuropathy. I also have neurally mediated syncope which causes my blood pressure and heart rate to bottom out. Which is the reason I pass out. I am from Boston Massachusetts but I currently live in Florida. I had to fly back to Boston to find a specialist for some of my issues because I had given up on the doctor’s in Florida.
The neurologist i saw in Boston believed that I had some kind of toxin in my body that was wreaking havoc on my nervous system. But she did not have any answers as to how to fix it.

This all happened in October of 2013. As I write this, it is April 2015 and my life has been forever changed. I have lost my job, lost my house, sold my car, just to pay bills. I still don’t have any answers but with community support I’m learning what I should be doing to try to feel better.

I am on a very restricted diet do to my toxicity of vitamins, which is not normal. I go to acupuncture once a week. I’ve got cysts on my liver, I have Goiters on my thyroid, and other issues as well.
There are too many things I go through on a daily basis to even list. All I know is I would never take this pill again and I will do everything in my power to make sure everyone I know does not have this happen to them.