Stacy H’s Story

female_1My story of how i was given Levaquin

I went to my primary Dr. complaining of Uti. and itching , my dr gave me Levaquin. I was never prescribed any type of this antibiotic before this day in August 2009.  As soon as i took the pill i began to have twitching in my arm to where i could visibly see it jerking in my muscles i also had burning in my sternum area where the esophagus meets the stomach. I thought what is happening , it was not heartburn. I continued to have the twitching and burning until i had broken out in sweats. Soon i began to have loose stools until i could not digest anything, just food straight in and out. I lost 40lbs due to no fault of my own but levaquin. I also began to have hiving all over my body until scabs formed on my back and chest. I ran from dr to dr. trying to get help all they offered me was zertec and prednisone. I began to feel on fire after the 3 prednisone shot and medrol pak. At one point i turned yellow and went to er, they said your having an allergic reaction and couldn’t help me. I had insomnia for over a year and half , i felt burning pain from the top of my head down my entire spine it felt like my nervous system was on FIRE . no meds kept me asleep, no meds took away the burning pain. I could take a med and only sleep for 4 hrs. I also was put under to do colonscope for the intestinal damage it was causing me and i kept waking up during the test. My entire nervous system was changing not responding correctly to sedative or anesthesia. I had numerous scopes for throat , stomach and intestines. only to see red gastric issues. I visited U of M , Cleveland Clinic, Henry Ford and many allergy clinics no allergy had ever been found. Finally in 2010 i had bleeding that was not normal and had a total hysterectomy which i bled internally and had to have drs go back in to find what happened. After i swelled grossly all over and lost 2bgs of blood. The drs said your blood is not going back up. I had to wear oxygen in the hospital and they sent an oncologist up to see me. She said she was going to test my blood. I was diagnosed with MGUS and blood storage pool disease something i never had before levaquinn damaged me. I had to have two iron transfusions to get my blood hemoglobin up. In 2011 i had to get my gallbladder removed, due to levaquinn jacking up my digestion. I lost my job due to inablity to work after sugury blood loss and no strength in body. I am now on disability and have neroapathy all over, was diagnosed with fibromalgia and myositis seeing Henry Ford cancer clinic this month for my Mgus that is a precursor to Multiple Myeloma. I have weakened muscles in legs to where i can not stand very long or walk long periods of time. Some days i must lay in the bed as my heart feels weak or my head feels like im having serious pain in blood vessels. Finally i was forced due to levaquinn to have my teeth all removed , the gums all pulled away from the teeth, possibly from the digestive issues levaquinn caused me