Anum P’s Story

Female 1I went for a backache and got misdiagnosed for a UTI! My urine didn’t even show a UTI, only a *slightly elevated* white blood cell count. Anyways, the nurse warned me if I didn’t take the antibiotic, my condition would turn into a serious kidney problem. Trusting this, I took it. I took it for 3 days. First day, ankle starts swelling up, I get knee pain, and feel completely out of it. Second day, same thing. I thought to myself, maybe its something else. Maybe I been exercising too hard. NO. I skipped one day. THe pain is still there. I, like an idiot that trusts everything a health care “professional” says, take it again. This time, I feel the bottom of my feet TIGHTEN UP! I felt like my achilles tendon was going to pop. I ceased all medication. This lasted for months ON TOP Of…surprise surprise. NEW SYMPTOMS. ANXIETY, FLOATERS, TINNITUS, CRYING FOR NO REASON. The achilles tendonitis lasted for a year and some change. THE ONLY reason I attribute any fix is REGUALR acupuncture treatments and I took TONS OF different supplement post floxing. 2 years out and I’m still NOT fully recovered. I have overall musculoskeletal problems that WILL flare up if I’m not VERY careful.