Victoria A’s Story

female_1I was a 41 yr old hot bad ass chick who loved to ride my harley, catch big tunas and dance on the docks til the sun came up.
Then I went to the ER and was prescribed Cipro on 9/22/2013 for a week to treat a POSSIBLE infection in my finger from fishing. I finished my script but was not feeling quite right. I went back to the ER on 10/4 and said “Something is not right” I told the DR it wasnt my finger I was speaking about. He researched fish infections and informed me I should not have been put on Cipro in the first place. He prescribed Bactrim but by the next day I was getting worse. I continued to rapidly decline I was in and out of the ER and each time getting worse complaining of pain feeling like tingles to razors in my hands, feet, front part of tongue and a lump feeling in my throat. As the days went on all I could do was cry out in pain as nothing was helping. I visited the ER several times trying to find out what was happening to me and to make it stop. On Oct 16 I was admitted to the hosp the pain was increasing. Oct 17 I was released from the ER I went home to my boat and tried to rest. I gathered up every bit of strength I had in me to get myself into my car and put it in drive. I coasted towards the hospital I saw a police car that pull out ahead of me and I decided I would ram it if I had the chance. At coasting speed I did not catch up to hit him though. When I arrived at the ER I put the car in park, opened the door and managed to drag myself in. Leaving my car running with the door open. I did not care one bit about it. I was crying out in pain and let the staff know something has gone wrong i had just been discharged. I can honestly say in that moment if someone said here drink this bleach it will make you feel better I would have. The staff said threw the glass said take a seat I collapsed in a seat and the people in the waiting area came to my aide with water and comfort. I couldn’t believe the way they were treating me in a hospital. Then the man opened the door and called my name and just stared at me. Someone helped me in and from there a nurse put me on a stretcher to transfer me to Boston. I spent a couple days there and got few answers. I have to say most of the answers I have gotten I have found myself from others like me.

Prescribed on 9-22-2013 for an unconfirmed infection, I experienced rapid deteriorating health thereafter
The symptoms of my illness encompassed everything from neurological, muscular-skeletal, digestive, and much more. I was disabled by the end of 2013 always having been a part of the working poor class I started selling off my possessions to make ends meat. Selling my Harley Davidson was tough as it was more than just selling a bike to ride. It was something I could no longer do. I could no longer throw my sexy ass leg over my custom 1200 Sportster take a ride along the coast singing out loud along with some great music blasting smiling back at all the nods from guys checking this sexy chick out. Now I never know when I wake up how I’m going to feel the rest of the day. Some days are better than others, but every day is very painful. The symptoms I experience in both of my legs/feet are stabbing pains, burning, itching, tingling, numbness, soreness, muscle tightness, cramping, charlie horses, pins and needles, “sprained ankle” feeling, and twitching. Other symptoms I try to poke fun at to lighten the mood at times are actually quite serious and on my end very scary.

  • Brain fog and cognitive deterioration. Some days I couldn’t even drive.
  • Loss of short-term memory. I couldn’t remember a thought I had two seconds ago.
  • Vision worsened. I had to update glasses twice. I cannot park a car anymore!!!!!!. (I have driven in races and fork trucks, lulls, dump trucks, 12 wheelers, 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers you name it from the first car I took for a joy ride ironically it was Danielles mom Mrs Bourne who suffered from MS in the 80’s and for years as people told her it was in her head as her health began to fail. I often think of Mrs Bourne these days. I guess I do it with a sort of retro empathy. )
  • Loss of balance. I fell down the several times due to this and muscle weakness.
  • Fatigue. I am junk now. Thankfully there is RED BULL
  • Anxiety. I experienced anxiety and panic attacks
  • my skin dried up from the inside out, my hair and nails have dried up. My nails have curved a bit also.
  • I have hot, burning pain in my ankles, feet, toes, wrists, hands and fingers.
  • I cannot stand for very long. I have to rush to sit down a lot.

I use a wheelchair at times and am learning to use walking canes in pt. I have found the more I use these the more I am able to be present during the day.  I have started aquatic pt for the body in general and have done some specialized pt like hand pt playing connect the dots at 43 yrs of age that is to maintain the hand movement.
I get out of breath as my heart races and blood pressure goes up. This after walking a short distance.
Now, every day is filled with pain, both physical and emotional.
I have become separated from some friends who are unable to grasp that an antibiotic could cause such devastation. I am unable to regularly participate in, or attend, social activities, such as church services, funerals, birthdays, etc…
As I await my disability hearing . Being unable to work for over one year now, selling anything of value to live and not having any family to lean on in our most difficult time has left us with no place to turn but a homeless shelter.
The worst part is finding Drs admit Cipro floxed me admiting that will just help my mental state. I know it to be true. My PCP knows it and she thinks that this new one will. One last note… I didnt see anyone mention it but along with the depression comes the suicidal thoughts.Very strong at times. I do see a therapist regularly.