Gail D’s Story

Female 1I started taking quinolones in college when I had occasional bladder infections. I never had any issues with Noroxin. Once I had a severe sun sensitivity and first degree burns over most of my body. That drug they eventually removed from the market for that very reason. As an adult I took Ciprofloxacin numerous times without incident. However once in my late 30’s I took a some and developed stiffness in both my Achilles tendons. This was before the black box warning came out so I didn’t make the association. A couple years later I again took Ciprofloxacin and the stiffness came back with a vengeance in my left ankle. I saw a doctor and she said my Achilles almost snapped. There was a viable bump which was excruciating to touch. I underwent painful physical therapy with ultrasounds and massage which almost brought me to tears. The pain gradually got better, the bump slowly went away, and most of the stiffness. There is still some in both ankles at times. Recently I was hospitalized for pneumonia, and even though it was in my records and on my allergy bracelet they put on, I or my husband had to stop them from giving me Ciprofloxacin several times. The PA in the ER right before I was admitted, looked at me in disgust and highly annoyed when he told me they were going to start an IV of Ciprofloxacin and I told him no, I can’t use it due to tendon damage. He replied, “You really want me to call the doctor on call back to get this changed?” I said emphatically yes I do. Luckily I did as I ended up with Legionnaires pneumonia and had to be put in a medically induced coma for 10 days. Then I had to regain my strength and learn to walk again. A ruptured Achilles or two, would have made that even harder! Trust me it was hard enough as it was. Luckily due to that intolerance to Ciprofloxacin, the doctor on call selected the right antibiotic to kill my Legionnaires and is probably the only reason I am still here.