Cathy S’s Story

Female 2My life changed dramatically after being put on Cipro for 30 days in 2003 following colon surgery. The next six years were filled with one joint surgery after another – 5 surgeries in total. My doctors could not figure out why my body was completely falling apart. Unfortunately, during this six year period I was put on Cipro multiple more times for unnecessary reasons – diverticulitis, uti’s etc. Then in 2009, while on my last dose of Cipro, my life completely fell apart and I experienced just about every possible adverse reaction listed on the Cipro Medication Guide and the light bulb went on. Instead of being unlucky like my doctors told me, my tendons, ligaments and joints had been permanently weakened by Cipro and the only way I was going to stay out of the operating room was to give up my active life – which I reluctantly did in 2009. Fast forward to 2015 and my life is pretty much the same. Leading an inactive life however has not kept me out of the operating room. I have had 2 more surgeries (neck and right shoulder) and need surgery on my other shoulder and hip as well. The damage that Cipro has done to my body is permanent and progressive. I can hurt myself doing the simplest things – weeding, carrying in the groceries…. This is no way to live. This is not the wife I wanted to be. This is not the mother I hoped to be. My life has been destroyed by this antibiotic. I cannot get off of the surgery treadmill. I went from being a very happy person who’s life was filled with sports, traveling and being super involved in my two children’s lives to someone that can only sit on my butt and play bridge only to have my card playing constantly interrupted by more surgeries, physical therapy and the recovery process. And, my future is not bright either – thanks to Cipro.

All of the fluoroquinolone antibiotics are very dangerous and need to be prescribed in life or death situations only or completely taken off of the market. The FDA and drug manufacturers have known for decades how dangerous these antibiotics are yet they continue to do very little and allow people’s lives to be destroyed. Instead of adding more warnings and rewording the Medication Guide, stronger action is needed. There are thousands and thousands of people just like me crying out for help. When is something going to be done?