Miriam V’s Story

Female 1The holiday resort doctor insisted I would take antibiotics for a middle ear infection and mild sinusitis. I remember I asked him, can’t we wait? (I did not have a fever yet, just night sweats.) I was in pain and did not feel well. I was not familiar with the fluoroquinolones antibiotics. But having lived in the tropics I knew in some (semi) tropical countries there is a lot of resistance because of over use of antibiotics. The doctor assured me after he looked in my ears I need the antibiotic or else I would risk a meningitis. I decided to listen to him. Which to this day I regret so much.

There was no warning for side effects. Insert was in Spanish, which I don’t comprehend. Doctor tried to reassure me by saying: this is a very save ans reliable antibiotic. On the third day my left foot went nub for a very short time. I thought it was due to my holiday shoes. I could not lift a bottle of water any more, I thought the weakness was caused by my condition. My Achilles tendons started hurting, I thought this was because I was overdoing things on my holiday. On my holiday I could still swim, play tennis, hike. Returning home I was still walking normally.

At home, about two weeks after my last pill, just a course of 6 days, all of a sudden my Achilles started hurting in a way I could only shuffle. Then my knee joints swelled and became very painful. I ended in a wheelchair, unable to walk. I was so weak I could not shower. I had to climb the stairs on all fours. MRI showed extended damage to my knees and Achilles. At about two months after my treatment I started to feel electric shocks, shouting pain, pins and needles, pain to the lightest touch, disturbed hot cold sensibility. I knew I was experiencing peripheral neuropathy.

I visited 6 doctors. I was denied by all. They refused to connect my symptoms to Levaquin. I am now ten moths after the Levaquin treatment. I can no longer swim, ride my bicycle, drive my car, play tennis, run, or even walk for more than 20 minutes. I still have to use a cane. I am in pain (joints, tendons) 24/7. And I am tired most of the time. I have brain fog and my cognitive abilities decreased a lot. Ad tinnitus is driving me crazy.

I had to quit work, give up my social live, all of my activities. Due to extensive tendon and joint pain, I can only use my right arm 100%. I have no medical care as I am not believed. I am desperate. My life is over. I can only watch others ride their bicycles and go for a walk, engage in sports and social activities People 20 years older than me are in a better shape. I think of committing suicide very often.