Chris J’s Story

male_1I am a 30 year old male firefighter in Southern California. Before I was damaged by Cipro I was in excellent health and in great shape. I had a yearly physical where I was always told I was in optimal heath. I also was very into fitness and played competitive soccer. On October 6th, 2014 I was prescribed Cipro. I had to stop taking the medication because of the adverse affect I had three weeks into my prescription. The two… See full story

Cheryl A’s Story

female_1I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I could not get the State slot to change to Canadian Provinces. I am soon moving to Ontario, however my Cipro experience has been here in Nova Scotia. July 8,2014 I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin XL for a urinary tract infection. I am a Holistic Nutritionist so am careful in what I take and how I treat my body. I tried the natural approach to the UTI (colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar, vit C, oregano… See full story

Matt Y’s Story

male_1On April 6, 2015 I was admitted to the hospital for treatment and surgery for diverticulitis. I am 46 years old and am healthy and fit and exercise 5 to 6 days a week. I am extremely active and own and operate two busy restaurants. After being diagnosed with a perforation due to diverticulitis, I was on IV Cipro for 6 days and oral Cipro for 4 days. The day after I finished the Cipro prescription, my family noticed that… See full story