Nancy W’s Story

Female 2I am 66 years old. My FQ story started 10 years ago, in 2005, when I developed diverticulitis for the first time. The nightmare began right away. I developed severe left belly pain during the night, and went right to the doctor. I was sent for a CT scan, which, I was told, showed diverticulitis, and I was told to go straight to the hospital, that I needed to be on IV antibiotics. What the radiologist failed to do was… See full story

Patty A’s Story

Female 1My story began with severe,chronic leg and foot cramps which began about 1998. I had had a motor vehicle accident two years before, so any symptoms that began I attributed it to the accident, plus getting older. I had a job where I needed to be on my feet all night doing heavy physical work. I had four children to attend to plus a home and a yard to take care of. I could handle anything when I was healthy,… See full story