Patty A’s Story

Female 1My story began with severe,chronic leg and foot cramps which began about 1998. I had had a motor vehicle accident two years before, so any symptoms that began I attributed it to the accident, plus getting older. I had a job where I needed to be on my feet all night doing heavy physical work. I had four children to attend to plus a home and a yard to take care of. I could handle anything when I was healthy, but it wasn’t long before I started getting stabbing, sharp pains in my feet as I walked. Itchiness in my legs on the skin that wouldn’t stop. I started having problems with the muscles in my legs, in my feet and in my knees. I’d feel like I was pulling muscles inadvertantly for no apparent reason. I was getting very afraid…Something must be seriously wrong with me. At about 2001, I was working at home outside and began noticing that my feet started aching. I never experienced this before but noticed that it hurt more and more to stand on my feet. At about 2003 I began having trouble with my knees, one at a time. They began swelling and being extremely painfull. The Dr said I had petella syndrome and told me to exercise more. I was already exercising day and night with my job and with my family. I got angry and signed up for overtime. Working is my plan of choice for exercise. So I’m walking around doing my job, very slowly because my knees both were very painfull. I took a bathroom break and when I sat on the toilet which was a little lower than normal, something made a loud SNAP, in my one knee…and the pain was hurrendous! I already had to be carefull because of the constant feeling like my thigh muscles wanted to cramp…all of the time which caused a constant anxiety for me. This went on and on, each of my knees taking turns swelling and crackling. In 2004 I blew up like a baloon with my weight and I was so fatigued, I could barely stand. A year later I was diagnosed with Hypothryoidism. All I would do when I got home was to sleep, all of the time! I was not living, I was just merely existing but trying to continue working. By 2005-2006, my feet were causing me more problems! I had to be carefull with each step that I took because I didn’t know why but I was very unstable on my feet… I’d sit for breaktime and I couldn’t relax because I had pins and needles in both of my feet very bad! I developed severe RLS but it was another symptom that I just had to work through. I was having hives severely on a constant basis. I was put on different medications for the hives and for the constant pain but nothing was helping. I gained weight like crazy! All of this time I worked alone on the night shift so I was able to hide my pain pretty much. In May of 2007 we were all put on the day shift in the general population of a small Community College campus. By this time I could barely walk and each step that I took hurt hurrendously! I began explaining to those that I talked to that I am not drinking, that there is something wrong with my legs and with my feet. I desperately tried so many different medications but nothing worked to relieve any of my pain. I saw a neurologst, put myself into more debt going to an alternative Dr for prolotherapy in 2008-2009. In 2010 I contacted the neurologist again who was finally able to stop the worst of the leg and foot cramps. My legs would spasm like crazy most of the time which was very worrisome and unsettling, but the worst of the cramps had deminished. I felt so much relief! The anxiety from years of being on edge was something that would take years to get over. Brcause of the severe cramping that I had had, I was only able to sleep for an hour at a time while this was going on, so I had severe sleep deprivation from this. There is so much more to this story that I am just skimming the surface. I dragged myself to work everyday, not knowing how much longer I could last. In November of 2010, I blew a muscle getting into my car. I didn’t know what it was so I called it severe sciatica…I have not been able to work since. I am on permanent disability. I was completely wasted emotionally, mentally and completely broken, physically! I suffer from many disk problems from my cervical spine to the lumbar spine. I have CNS, PN, hypothryoud, adrenal fatigue, stage 7, severe weight isues, problems with my eyesight, with my ears, headaches, severe RLS, pulled tendons and or ligaments in my left shoulder blade, in my right thigh, in my right bicept and many more complications. For three long years I could do nothing. Finally I started searching the internet for answers. It wasn’t untill this February of 2015 that I found the floxie group that gave me some answers. Still, I was in horrible pain! This is no where near all of my story. each time that I write it, it changes some as I remember things and forget others but my story is here. I’m trying to obtain most of my medical records but some are gone, so I do not know when I was floxed for the first time. I do pray every day though for each and every every one of us for the hell that we are all going through. Be well my friends!