Sonia’s Story

female_1I am 27 years old who was previously healthy and I had taken “2 doses, 500 mg each” of Ciprofloxacin for a minor UTI symptoms.
1. I was not supposed to give that strong drug for a minor cause, another doctor clarified it.
2. The dose given to me was not according to the BMI or my threshold.
3. The doctor who prescribed told me to continue my drugs when I called her if these side effects were normal. But I chose to discontinue it after 2 doses. The doctor also prescribed NSAID drug soon after this where she was not supposed to as it makes it worse.

Day 2: Brain Fog, Stiff joints, especially fingers, Dizziness, Palpitations, Insomnia (5 days without sleep), Anal Twitches, Stomach cramps, Multiple sensitivities, Leaky Gut, Blurred vision, Eye twitches, Suicidal thoughts, Anxiety, Paranoia, Fatigue, Poor appetite, Pain all over the body, diarrhea finally.
Day 3: Zombie mode, couldn’t walk or sleep. Cried to fall asleep. Even the Acetaminophen did not give me sleep though the Urgent Care doctor prescribed me that.
3 months out : Eye Twitches, Weak muscles, stiff when woken up, painful menstrual cycle(never before) Anxiety persists, paranoia towards other drugs because of multiple sensitivities.
5 months out: Diagnosed RA, tested for Lupus and other auto immune diseases. I had no history of RA what so ever, I was a dancer, musician and was loving my life.

I freaking feel as if I am 85 now and barely able to walk.