Jennifer H’s Story

Female 1My nightmare started in September if 2014 when I was prescribed Levaquin & Prednisone for a stubborn sinus infection at the age of 38. I ended up still needing surgery to drain my sinus and followed up with two more rounds of Cipro. My life and health declined quickly there after. I started to get burning sensations I. My hands and feet. My husband could barely touch me as I was barely handling the clothes on my body touching me.

Things were getting difficult in every aspect of my life. I had to quit my job as I was unable to hear with my new symptom of tinnitus or be reliable because of my pain and fatigue.

I struggled to find answers as my symptoms were getting worse each day and the neurological parts were scaring me. After MRI’s, EMG’s and a mountain of blood tests came back with nothing I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I learned quickly that I would not be able to get help as no Drs. Really treat Fibromyalgia. In looking at my symptoms I realized they all seemed to fit into the Small Fiber Neuropathy category. I asked my neurologist for a skin biopsy. Sure enough it came back positive so 1 year to the date I suffer from the following

-burning stabbing searing pain in hands feet and back
-cramping in my back and calves
-loose stools
-depression unable to work and take care of my husband and son
-mobility issues
-memory issues
-unable to form complex thoughts
-chronic fatigue
-panic and anxiety

And many more I am sure. I feel like my life is over but I continue to fight each day to get to the next day in hopes that some day things will get better.