Shara C’s Story

Female 2Hey I am 41 years old, mother of 2. At age 39 I was fit and healthy. Lifted weighs, I was weight 124.. 5foot. I took 1 pill of CIPRO March 7, 2013. Took at 7pm by 11:00pm my body was on fire.

Symptoms, nausea, panic attack, insomnia , electric shock, tingling and numbness, hands and feet would go numb, loss weight , loss appetite, suicidal, weakness, food intolerance, burning skin, blurry vision, dizziness crying episodes . Went to ER 2x all normal blood work of course.

This lasted for 6 months for the worse to subside. Took a year for numbness hands and feet to get better. Still have some every now and then depends if I have coffee or artificial sweeteners. No longer can take just any medication because causing symptoms to reoccur.

Low and behold I thought I got through this with only tingling and occasional numbness, dizziness. Well I was wrong, summer 2014, 14 months out began to have sever dry eye. And bad vision. 20 months out developed dry mouth. Had negative blood test for Ana and sjogerns. Thought what is going on so looked up Flox report and there it was the news of cycling and of new symptoms. 25 months out had relapse April 2015 of symptoms. This time have more weakness. Dry eye and mouth and some weakness still remain.

It’s now October 2015.
I just had lip biopsy confirm high inflammation markers for sjogerns. Finally after 10,000$ numerous test and blood work, something shows up. Was hoping to escape without any major issues. I still pray this goes away. I see a rheumatologist in 2 weeks. It’s been 2.5 years now and it was just 1 pill !!!!