Mary M’s Story

Female 1My nightmare started April 9,2014 I was very healthy I worked out, ate right took very good care of myself. I went in for a routine colonoscopy. I told them I was NOT cleaned out twice but they assured me I would be fine. I aspirated during the procedure then I ended up with aspirated pneumonia they were going to release me but I ended up with infection. They put me on 2 bags of 400 Cipro never told me anything about the drug at all, Then sent me home with 750 Levaquin for 7 days. Looking back now when I first came home I couldn’t think of words to speak almost felt like a stroke. I thought I was just tired from not sleeping while I was in the hospital. Then I got cramping in my calves I thought it was low potassium so I ate a banana. Then I started screaming in pain I was wondering what is going on with me. I couldn’t get in and out of my car at all it was like I would scream in pain. When I went for my 2 week check up with my Dr I told him about my pain and all he could say is “I can’t understand why your not any better”. It was like one thing after another was going wrong with me my eyes got blurry,dizzy,ears ringing I couldn’t raise my left arm over my head,couldn’t sleep only getting 2 hours a night,anxiety, my legs and feet on fire feels like electricity running through my body, even in my arms,hands and face brain fog, plus many other adverse reaction. Then a month later I got another infection I went to a different Dr. That’s were I learn all the pain I was having was from the Meds I took he told me to be very careful because I could tear a tendon. Another month later I got pleurisy, I was in a lot of pain from this too. At this time I was very scared and I made a appointment with Cleveland Clinic they put me on NSAID Meds I was getting worse instead of better. Then I went to a neurologist yes I do have nerve damage from these drugs. I went to a acupuncture for 6 months paid out pocket to try to get help it might have helped a little bit. I could not walk up steps I could hardly walk I had to cut to part time at work. I’m still trying to hang on and work I don’t know how much longer I’m going to do this since I stand on my feet for my job. This has destroyed my life as I knew it as of today going on 18 months there not much improvement. It sadden me when I think what has happened to me and others.