David R’s Story

male_1I took 30 pills of 500mg Ciprofloxacin in 2005 before they made me sick. A year later one pill sent me to Urgent care walk in. Rapid heart beat pain all over ears ringing blurred vision sensitivity to light. Noted as allergic reaction to on records. 2010 I was given a 750 mg injection in my IV. I was comatose 7 days. In undiscribable pain with tachycardia hives cross eyed grinding teeth caused dental damage. Then symptoms of peripheral Neuropathy memory loss dementia,and weakening joint pain sensitivity to temperature touch and everything else. Insomnia anxciety,first 90 days loss 48 lbs sick. No B12 or testosterone. Burning or freezing sesation from nerve pain now over 4 years. I was a hard working business owner. Now on disability. Thanks to FTS