James W’s Story

male_1On Oct 30th 2011 I was giving Cipro 500mg 3 aday for 7 days for cellulitis and tenosynovitis.
On Nov 4 I began feeling pain in my right shoulder on Nov 10 I put slight pressure on my left wrist and there was a pop.a lump rose up on my hand.Went to Emory Internal Medicine of Newton County I was seen by Dr Carter Gibson for intense pain in my left wrist /my ulnicorpal joint ,right medial elbow.and right subacromial pain. I was diagnosed with Cipro tendonitis.I was also told my right rotary cuff was in severe distress and my left wrist and right elbow were effected and that I was to remain inactive for two weeks.O Nov 14th went to Newton County Medical Center for extensive pain in my right arm and both biceps.I was told to take pain meds and do bed rest.On Nov 28th back to see DR Gibson for chronic pain in my calves and heels He says to continue bed rest.I have not been able to sleep for weeks because I can lie down with out severe pain.On Dec 11th back to Dr Gibson for pain in my Calves and heels and my entire right arm.I am now totally disabled.immobile I was a proud 59 year old man with a loving family and I have made it my destiny my whole life to take care of them.

I am burdened by chronic lower back pain ,a shredded rotary cuff,and increasing nightly seizures.Also as a man whom has lived a life free of addictions I now have to succumb to oxycodone 3xaday tramadol 6x aday and gabapentin 6x aday.

Its been 4 years now I have Enthesopathy,Peripheral neuropathy,Tendinitis,Fibromyalgia pain.7 degenerative disc too many torn muscles and tendons to count.Unable to walk without knee and ankle braces ,a cane .