Michelle S’s Story

Female 8A day that will never be forgotten. December 24, 2011. I had a cold that morphed into pneumonia. It was Christmas Eve and I ended up in an urgent care facility. I was very sick and my previous good health prevented me from a hospital stay. I was prescribed Cipro and sent on my way. I took the course of Cipro and my bacterial pneumonia was not responding. I went to to regular primary doctor and was prescribed Avelox. Twice!!! 20 poison pills have ruined my health. I was told that there might be side effects with the drug. I felt it was their way of covering themselves as any drug can have side effects. After taking all of these drugs, I started to have feeling like bugs were crawling all over me. My nightmare had only just begun. I have had two MRI’s, numerous tests and they all come back negative. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (misdiagnosed) as this is something the medical field has not caught up with, rampant Fluoroquinolone toxicity in its population. My rheumatologist believes methankfully.

So, I used to be a physically active person. Since taking these drugs, I have peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, adult onset asthma, balance issues where I have fallen and other issues too numerous to mention. I just got a cane to help me on my bad days (I’m only 58) and though I still work, I’m in pain daily and feel like someone is pulling my weakened muscles apart. Many doctors have no idea how bad these drugs are. If I was properly informed about the probability of this impacting my life as it has, I may have gone another route. Please, do something to make others aware…lives are being ruined from these drugs. I live in a painful silent world.