Patty A’s Story

Female 1My story began in 1996, two years after being in an auto accident. On November 23, 1996, Thanksgiving day, I began having SEVERE leg and foot cramps that went from my toes to my groin. From the severe pain I passed out…this happened three times on this day. I went to the hospital by ambulance. I had I think was an EMG? The scan they do on a persons head I believe to check for seizures. Long story short, this was my pathway to hell. I was a very physically and emotionally strong woman before this all began. I worked full time on the night shift, took care of my four children and I did all of the house and yard work myself.

This constant cramping feeling caused me an exhausting amount of anxiety on a daily basis. I began having sharp, stabbing pains in my feet as I walked around to do my work. In time my knees began to swell and be extremely sore. Pain developed down the sides of my knees…Thinking this must be nerve pain because this was something new. as I drove to and from work, simply pushing lightly on the gas pedal was extremely painfull in my knee. Now I’m even having problems driving. My knee pain was becomming unbearable. It hurt to stand, it hurt to sit, it hurt to lie in bed. I told my doctor that I was in so much pain that I would dream that I was in pain, then I’d wake up….and yes, the pain was real! I was in severe pain all of the time! This was around 2002. I was prescribed Naproxin, Cymbalta and other pharmaceuticles but nothing worked. My feet started hurting. My job consisted of walking all night and cleaning so this was a big deal to me. I’d stand and realized that something wasn’t right…soon, when I was walking one night at work, something pulled, (I thought a muscle)in the back of my calf. Back to the doctor I went(because I could not afford to take off). I told my doctor, why are all of these strange things going on within my body? I always did hard physical work and I was always able to work off any soreness or pain,(before all of this began). This woman doctor in our practice told me that I had a woman’s condition. Petella syndrome and she told me that I need to exercise. I guess eight hours a night cleaning in a small college was not exercise enough. here I am in EXTREME PAIN and I should exercise more? I signed up for overtime for the exercise. At one point I sat on a toilet and something in my knee made a loud snap! and the pain was hurrendous!and I still had to try and get up, off of the toilet. I can’t even describe how high my anxiety was. This Petella syndrome was actually a cyst of some kind growing in my right knee. It was very painfull and took one year before it burst inside of my knee. One night at home while I was sitting I felt a gush of fluid run down the inside of my leg. My feet were giving me problems. Pins and needle sensations set in which got worse the longer I stood.. Severe fatigue set in. My hubby used to wake me by squeezing my one foot. He did one night and I screamed and pulled my foot back! I must have been in denial, as the pain was bad in both of my feet by now. Before when I could stand for hours with no problems, and now, for whateverv reason, my feet felt like they were on fire, they hurt so bad deep in the muscle of each foot. NOTHING that I did and nothing that I took would lessen the pain, but I had to deal with it. All of these issues were exhausting my body. I was like a human robot, pushing myself harder and harder to get my work done. I was diagnosed in time with SEVERE RLS, Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Cronic fatigue, Adrenal fatigue, stage 7, PSTD, Allergies, I had liver problems, I had many disk problems in my back that were damaged, which aggrivated the nerves in my back and in my legs and in my feet. I get deep deep vibrations or tremmors that come and go as they please. I even get them in my head, in my face and in my neck, among other places. I had a minor Heart attack that I was told about a year after it happened. I believe that was in December of 2009. That was from severe lack of sleep and taking Tizanidine to calm the muscles in my legs. In November of 2010 While getting in my car, I got a massive pain in my right thigh and that totally did me in! I was not able to work after that and I could not do anything for myself or for anyone. In October or 2011 I was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer and I had surgery for it in November of that year. It turned out to not even be stage one, but there was cancer present. When I went for that appointment for the consultation, the person consulting me couldnt believe that I was not concerned about the cancer and I told her this. The stiffness and the pain in my legs and in my feet and in my knees was the only thing that I was concerned about. I put any possible dealings or concerns with cancer in my God’s hands. I told the doctors that I had many problems with my legs and I asked them not to do ANYTHING that might aggrivate them more. I’ve had Floroquinolone ear drops in my past, Cipro and Levaquin also at different times. However, I was not aware of any damage from a type of antibiotic untill the beginning of this year, (2015) This is surreal, that an antibiotic so dangerous is given out in cases that should only be used for dangerour infections that nothing else will help…and testing should be performed to proove this.