Sabrina R’s Story

Female 4On Friday Dec 20th 2013 I went to the Dr for a UTI problem. I was prescribed Cipro 500mg one pill twice daily I started taking it Saturday morning on the 21st. By my 6th dose Monday the evening of the 23rd I started having hip and knee issues with movement. I looked thru the side effects and at the very bottom was could cause tendon issues etc…. The next morning Dec 24th I called my Dr and he said to stop taking the Cipro and that my uti should be fine since I had been on for a few days. My left knee was stiff and swollen. On Christmas night my knee grew to twice the size and my uti was back. That night I woke up with pain thru out my whole body . My wrists, knees,ankles, sections of my back,left forefinger, 2 toes on my left foot and my left side of jaw were all aching. Was like something went off at the same time all over causing strong pain . I woke up Dec 26th with both my knees swollen and hard to bend. I went to the Dr and they gave me steroid shot that was supposed to help me quickly along with a steroid pack and Augmentin for the UTI. Augmentin relieved the UTI but my knees and hips were getting worse. I was going to the Dr every week giving me more steriods and a different anti flam prescription and nothing was helping me. I was having shortness of breath and insomnia along with pain and swelling. When I wasn’t at work or at the Dr I was in bed. I could barely walk. Friends said I was hunched over and moving like I was 90 years old and not someone that was only 43. I started using a walker to help me. My knees were so swollen that you couldn’t see my kneecaps. Could only bend my legs about 20%. I became very worried that I would be like this forever or that I would rupture a tendon. I even had a temporary Handicap parking placard because my walking was so limited and painful.

I researched everywhere about Cipro and finally stopped taking all the prescriptions and tried taking 1000mg of Magnesium daily around mid Feb 2014. Within a few days I started to see improvement in walking and moving. After almost 9 months I was able to walk normal again but still took over a year before I could get down on my knees to the floor safely without fear of tearing a tendon and to get full movement back in my left forefinger and left foot toes.

I still suffer with insomnia at times and shortness of breath after almost 2 years from that 6th dose of Cipro from Dec 2013. I firmly believe that any of the Fluoroquinolones should only be given as a last resort for a life threatening virus and not for something as minor as a UTI, which in my case, cleared up by a penicillin based antibiotic. I’m one of the few that has mostly recovered unlike so many others that haven’t from this class of antibiotics. My Dr had prescribed me Cipro one time previously in Nov 2011 for a bacterial infection in my chest when taking Augmentin did not help. I did not suffer anything in 2011 but it affected me drastically in Dec 2013 after 6 pills that affected me for over a year.