Trudy K’s Story

Female 2In October of 2014 I went to the doctor with a suspected UTI. I was prescribed 500 mg. of Cipro for 7 days. After the fourth day, I could barely walk, my teeth were in extreme pain, I was unable to sleep more than 2-3 hours a night and it turned out, when the urine tests came back, there was no UTI!
I ended up having 2 emergency root canals and one extraction. Before the Cipro, my teeth were fine!

In addition to the mouth problems I was unable to even pick up a cup of coffee or walk more than a few steps without extreme pain in my tendons. The doctor refused to admit that Cipro could cause any of these side effects!

I turned to an integrative medical doctor who performed an inter cellular blood analysis and discovered my glutathione and magnesium levels were extremely low. I received 5 weeks of glutathione injections and began taking magnesium supplements. I also did quite a bit of research on the internet and began following Dr. Mark Hyman(Director of Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic) and Dr. Terry Wahls Protocol. Their advice and plans helped me greatly.

I am just about one year out from being floxed and am about 90% better. That being said, there are many, many others who are seriously disabled from these drugs and one person in particular that I wrote to (Lisa) recently died from her toxicity. It is unforgivable that Fluoroquinolones are being handed out like candy when such serious damage is being done to an unsuspecting public. Like thalidomide of the 50’s this needs to be stopped!