Eileen O’s Story

female_1I am a full time RN with a full time job doing active animal rescue and I had 11 dogs living on my 2acre property when I initially, though 100percent healthy became violently and nearly terminally I’ll in a few hours time. In breaking up a fight between two new cats I was accidentally bitten quite severely on my right thumb joint. It was a very deep laceration into the joint and swelled immediately. Knowing how serious thes bites are I rushed to a local mini clinic. It was a late Sat nite, my DR was off. I know I needed antibiotics and the NP on duty gave me Cipro 500mg for a10 day period. I started the first pill that evening. The next day I went to work as a nurse in a prison . Pill was again due 12 hrs later after which I noticed numerous mouth sores extremely dry mouth, and greatly swollen tongue which nearly closed off my airway. My whole body was suddenly covered in a dark red itchy rash that became intolerable but my speech was slurred and I was struggling to breathe so the rash was the least of my worries. I recognized it as an allergic reaction to the Cipro and immediately took 50 mg po Benadryl . No doctors are on duty on the nite shift in the prison . Within 15-20 minutes I had a seizure . This was only the very beginning of 8months of incapacitating pain, fatigue, paralysis,,confusion, depression and suicidal ideation. Not one single doctor found anything wrong except for the sudden onset of two or three days of paralysis. That he decided was real! Why, he didn’t know. Neither did 5 other neurologists who found negative MRIs and CTScans. I was out of work over 5 months, had to rehome all my 11 dogs, and stopped all meds I was then taking including an antidepressant I had been on for 15 yrs without a problem . Since the med was abruptly withdrawn instead of slowly tapering it as required, it threw me into a suicidal spiral of depression. It took merely two 500mg tabs of Cipro to bring me to the brink of death. That was Oct 12, 2015. I am still not close to being well! My life as I knew it has been completely destroyed. Other symptoms and problems continue to occur every couple of months. I never know what or when to expect bad things to happen. My life is a nightmare!!