Wendy Y’s Story

Female 2My Levaquin story…the short version.
The Levaquin story is mine as well. I am a substitute teacher and a single Mom and Grandmother. I am lucky if I can push through the pain and work even two days a week. I can’t pay my bills. My youngest daughter is 13 ..she is a cheerleader, a red belt in Muy Tai Kwan Do and active in drama currently in rehearsals for another musical. I cannot attend most of her games to watch her cheer, or her sparring matches at the Dojo. I can NEVER get this time back…my memories with her are being stolen. At the age of 46 I am devastated. I am angry. My life is nothing like it was. I cannot find a Doctor who will admit that the torn meniscus in BOTH knees, the terrible neuropathy and the depression are due to eight doses of Levaquin…
the first a given to me I’m the hospital for a sinus infection. I was not warned in any way what this medicine could do. I just need a DOCTOR WHO WILL BE ETHICAL ENOUGH TO HELP ME! My quality of life is so diminished at this point. I cant even walk my dogs…something I truly love and NEED for my emotional health and sanity. My depression is beginning to scare me. Lying here in pain as life goes by ….I am starting to truly TRULY wonder what is the point. My faith is the only thing keeping me here. Something MUST BE DONE!!! I need help..but I am just as concerned about the other people who are being given this medicine day after day in the by the hospital who initially gave it to me.
The other awful part of this is that physicians (especially ER doctors and hospitalists
..who are the largest prescriber of fluoroquinolones) even my family doctor has gone so far as to treat me like a drug seeker who is a hypochondriac. The orthopedist actually said to me ” you probably just injured it and forgot about it” …this is a direct quote.. he had the nerve to say this to a 46 year old active vibrant woman who works and exercises regularly and now has a torn meniscus in both not one but both knees! Isn’t the Hippocratic Oath “first do no harm”?
It is certainly time for some refresher courses and how to be human beings for these arrogant dishonest professionals, whose treatment of myself and others like me is not only arrogant, but dishonest and rude as well.
Shame on them. But the hurt is on me.