Edna R’s Story

Female 1I was floxed October,2013. I was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia by blood draw and chest X-ray. I had been on Zpack and was given steriod shot and then prescribed levafloxin 750 m. The script was for 5 tablets. Day 1 I took the tablet with evening meal. I had trouble sleeping and felt “jittery” so day 2 I took tablet with noon meal. Day 3 I got up and my legs felt achy. I was waiting on the doctors office to open to report my symptoms when while standing my feet had some painful event and I heard a cracking sound and fell down. I had broken the bone going to little toe in right foot and cracked bone going to big toe in left foot. It was also believed the left foot was severely sprained. After weeks of healing I was back on my feet but continued with problems with left foot. MRI showed my ankle bone looked like a saw blade. Surgery to smooth ankle bone and remove some of cartidge and bone chips. After healing again I continued to have problems with achellies tendon and tendon running to big toe. My orthopedic specialist referred me to an ankle and foot specialist in our area. He told me left ankle is instable and believed damage to tendons could be permanent. He ordered brace for my left foot to stabilize ankle and protect tendons. I have been told I will need the brace for rest of my life. I am now 65 and was 63 at time I was floxed. Levafloxin has diffinately affected my life. My heart breaks for all those people who have been damaged by these drugs.