Margie L’s Story

Female 8I will be happy to share my experience with Cipro. I never really knew there was a connection between fibromyalgia and these antibiotics until I read a message board where others seemed to think they were responsible for their illness.

I had a hysterectomy and bladder repair surgery in 1996. Because of a supra- pubic catheter that was in place for 6 weeks, I developed a UTI. After I had problems tolerating two other antibiotics, my doctor prescribed Cipro. The first round didn’t clear the infection, so I had to take it again. Back to back dosages of Cipro was awful. I felt sick after every dose, but I was very weak and sick and I just did what my doctor told me trying to get better.

During the second round of Cipro, I developed ringing in my ears, which was listed as one of the side effects to bring to my doctor’s attention. I did, and was simply told to stop taking it. Further cultures showed I still had the infection, a sulfa drug was tried and cleared up the infection. I still have the ringing in my ears.

By that summer, I developed terrible foot pain in both feet. My doctor diagnosed plantar faciitis. I was given orthotics, physical therapy and cortisone shots. Nothing helped and my doctor was puzzled as to why I was not responding to treatment. I still have a lot of problems with my feet.

I went on to develop TMJ problems, saw a dentist, and orthodontist. Treatment didn’t resolve this issue either.

A few months later, I started having a lot of pain in my hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. A diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome was made, and I wore splints, had more physical therapy, laser and chiropractic treatments, none of that helped, the chiropractor didn’t feel surgery would help as the pain didn’t originate in the carpal tunnel. Another thing to add to the list of ongoing pain.

Eventually, I developed pain all over, every muscle and joint in my body hurt. My doctors diagnosed fibromyalgia, but they really acted as though they were not sure exactly what was wrong with me.

As the pain progressed, I ended up at 46 years of age having to stop work and applying for Social Security disability.

Before the surgery and taking Cipro, I was a healthy, fit and active wife, mother and daughter. I worked, took care of my family, walked every day and felt great.

The thought of all of this misery, loss of quality of life an income could have been caused by a drug is beyond sickening and very sad. They should not be used unless the person will die without trying them and only after all other avenues have been exhausted.

Thank you for taking my submission and for the work that you are doing here.
Respectfully submitted,
Margie L.