Vera R’s Story

female_1My name is Vera R. I took Cipro in 2007 for bladder infection. I stopped taking after first pill because I got alergic reaction.
Yes, Cipro is crazily strong, my bladder infection was gone in half hour after taking first pill. It gave me brain fog instantly, my thighs were itching, i got hives, zits on my back.
Fallowing days,I started getting anxiety(three or four times I had at night), I lost appetite, weight. I was sick every day for a year, no doctor could tell me what is going on with me. Test results were showing nothing.
A year after, I noticed my thigh muscle on my right leg got deformed in one area. It didn’t bother me but I started to feel sick after working out. One morning I walk up, walked downstairs I felt snap in my right knee.I felt like my body was off alignment. It wasn’t comfortable to walk. My deformed muscles gave up on me days later. They ripped and were on fire.
In one month my left knee felt the same way. I started to feel no energy in my legs’ muscles. It was hard to walk and stand. My knees were misaligned, I couldn’t stand on my legs or have them completely straight.
Physical therapy only was giving me more pain and misalignment to the rest of my body. It was painful sitting, standing or laying down. My orthopedic said I could have problem with muscles after Cipro.
After nine months of physical therapy i stopped going there because I felt like no help there.
I went to chiropractor. I’m in therapy and adjustment there twice a week for two in the half years now. I’m finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I can go for a walks, bike ride now. I still have to wear shoes that are supporting my arches. It feels like my whole body is too soft to hold me in place. I feel sick time to time. I’m very sensitive to fragrances. They give me brain fog instantly or any strong chemicals do the same. I still cannot work full time. I cannot lift or stand for too long. It is effecting my job. I cannot do everything I suppose to do at work.
I’m blessed that I have good chiropractor who believes that Cipro meds to blame. He believes in me and my full recovery.
God bless you all. Stay strong and try to avoid meds and medical doctors. (‘:’) drink cranberry juice and eat garlic. It taste better than Cipro.