Darlene D’s Story

Female 1I have went online and made my complaint. I won’t go into all the details of what my mind and body is doing, just know that all the symptoms of this FQ I have. I am in a nightmare I cannot escape from, no matter how hard I try. I was a Master Cosmetologist, well still am; just not active. To many people’s surprise you have to have a good working knowledge of the human body to carry a license for this field and it requires a continuing education just as Drs. and nurses, health and sanitation is their goal and it is not as intense as Drs. and Nurses, but it is still in place. If you have clients that are Diabetic, had Strokes or heart attacks, blood pressure, etc,. You treat them different. What is good for one person may not be for others. I thought That Doctors took an oath to first of all to “Do no Harm”. With this being said, I have very little faith in Doctors and am scared to death of the Pharm Company’s. If you have more than a common cold and go to the Dr., I feel pretty much screwed. I hear it is the Insurance Company’s fault, I hear it is the Contract that the practicing Physcicians are under, and I could go on and on. At some point some one has to take responsibility. We are taught to trust our MD’s and they have our best interest at heart. Now I hardly believe this anymore. What happened to the pride with these people in what they do.

I took levaquin in 2008 and 2009. in 2012 I took cipro, all for upper respiratory infections, while on these drugs I was bed ridden, actually thought I would die, but the Doctors said if you don’t take all of it, it won’t work. Till this day I remember saying “You go to the Doctor sick and they give you something that makes you sicker, so when your done you think you are better”. MY MRI shows white matter on the brain, have been diagnosed with IPN, Fibromyalgia, and even somatoform. I have been treated like a mental patient. going to the Doctors is like running thru a quick car wash. You pay your fee and drive right on thru, next. Now with all that is going on with me I am not completely ignorant yet, even though I have retyped this 20 times and corrected a hundred mistakes, It is so frustrating. A prison of hell. I know I am alive my whole body lets me know every minute of my life, my pride has been stripped and it is surely working on my dignity. Before this I was a happy, active, can do anything and did, had the body and the mind of a 20 year old, had a magnetic personality everybody enjoyed being around, I helped everybody, if you had a problem I would figure out how to help you. Example: I have this male client, “just to let you know when people get in my chair they talk, it’s my job to listen. But if you don’t want the answer, don’t ask the question”. Anyway he started telling me about the things he would like to go back and change and some of his regrets, I listened. When he was through I had one question. Do yo like who you are now? He said yes. I told him his path is what made him who he is today, he left smiling and felt better about himself and as far as I know has not looked back. Now when you have been floxed, you keep looking back for answers and I have, I was diagnosed with RLS 19 years ago. MY PCP had been treating me for RA for two years even though the x-rays and blood work said no. Now as I think back the RLS started after I had a partial Hysterectomy in 1994, and I am wondering what they gave me. I have my Insurance claims back to 2006. When the Doctors started treating me like I was a mental patient and said it was my age, “

“At the time most people guessed I was 36”. I took a Picture of my feet in 2011 to see if I see the problem, it was there, right there, not that the Drs looked at it anyway, just said at your age, and before I forget I was being treated for menopause, I would get so hot my neck actually would turn purple. Now how many women do you know that loose 30 lbs in menopause. Anyway i have pictures and notes that predate this god awful mess. The Doctors would not look at them, but since I had them it got me diagnosed with somatoform. on July 7th 2013 I right ankle FELT like it exploded, the pain was so horrific I knew I was going down, so I crossed my arms around my shoulders and rolled, I thought the Doctors would surely listen now, wrong. They put in my file swelling and bruising after fall, now isn’t it interesting that there was not another mark on my body anywhere. I did not fall, my ankle brought me down, actually I was holding on, I already did not trust my feet and legs. I have patient portal documents, notes in evernote that are time and date stamped, and pictures that are time and date stamped. These FQ’s from my own research could surely be the reason for a lot of unknown problems that people are having today. There has been $250,000.00 in Insurance claims filed on me since 7/7/2013, that is not including before. Everything points to these drugs. i use to be a very outgoing person loved music and dancing. I would turn the stereo on and dance for hours, another reason I was in good shape, now the music gets on my nerves, every once in a while it will make me want to dance, and guess what? I can’t, I have never had that word in my vocabulary. And on that note “The devil went down to Georgia and I wish he would leave. Thanks for doing this, I hope somewhere, somebody cares. I could tell you things for days but just know for me to do this it has taken me hours and from sitting my legs are stinging like I’m in a bed of ants. I hope this helps.