Deirdre M’s Story

Female 4Prior to September 26, 2006, I was a healthy, bubbly, active, lucky 29 year old wife to my best friend and mother to 3 beautiful children under the age of 6 living the dream that I had since I was a child.
I came down with a sinus infection. I was prescribed “Levaquin” and that is what has altered my family’s life!

I had been in the emergency room countless times, nerve blocks, many mri’s, ultrasounds of veins & arterial to rule out clots, multiple MRI’s, numerous specialists, in and out of offices, spinal taps, lots of blood tests, steroid injections & even tried doing the spinal cord stimulator trial, whatever it took to try to get “ME” back for my husband and children!

Finally, on February 1, 2007, I had a “Nerve Biopsy” done on my calf & thigh and got a diagnosis of “Peripheral Neuropathy” of the “Small Fiber Sensory Nerves”.
Here we are 9 years later and my only hope seems to be infusions to make sure my illness doesn’t get worse & to help my immune system especially living in a household with tween/teens.

Every 4 weeks I receive “IVIG” (Intravenous Immunoglobulin) donor’s antibodies, four days in a row for 5 hours each day.
I am determined to beat this, give my husband and kids back the old me and raise awareness on “Fluoroquinolone Toxicity”  these poison medications that have destroyed too many lives, some that are here battling everyday like me, some that are worse and others that are no longer here with us to put the connection together and be able to enjoy the lives & dreams we all have had that we will never have the chance to do!

Had the Dr or Pharmacist notified me of “Levaquin” that its meant to prevent “Anthrax” and it could cause

“Peripheral Neuropathy” and have my babies miss out on so much cause of my health or the bills my husband gets from me, I would have refused and if an antibiotic was necessary…………I would have requested amoxicillin!!!!!