John P’s Story

male_1I’m 56 now but 2 years ago Around April 2013 I went to the ER after my throat closed up and needed a hyeadial hernia repair. The afternoon of the quick repair I noticed an IV bag that I assumed was a saline solution. I didn’t ask what it was until the next day and that’s when they told me it was Levaquin. I didn’t know what it was sense they never told me other than what the name was and I just assumed they all knew what they were doing. I was in the hospital for 5 days and was given an IV of 500 mg. of Levaquin each day. They did tell me when I asked about it again said it was to prevent infection from surgery.

I wasn’t ever informed about any dangers or side effects or if there was an alternate drug I could take. A week after I went home I didn’t feel right then slowly everything became more and more intense. First I got a staff infection on my leg. Then I had lost ½ of many of my senses. Taste, smell, eye sight, bad headaches even my hearing became impaired. I have bad memory problems also and depression which I never thought to have only when I got old. My left shoulder also for no reason hurts and gives me problems moving.

My breathing also became bad and had to go back to the hospital which they determined without any x-rays I had asthma. The breather they gave me did nothing. I didn’t ever consider that Levaquin might have been the cause of all my problems until April 2015 I saw on a TV commercial that gave a number for an attorney to call If you have taken Levaquin before July of 2013 because there was no warning label on the bottle before that time. I then did research on the computer to see what all this was about and found so many other people with the same problems as I have which was all after receiving Levaquin. Well I lost my job my wife my house all from my problems. I don’t know who to blame for all this? The hospital for not warning me about the possible side effects which can be life changing or the company which makes this drug.

It seems attorneys are hard to find anyone wanting to handle a case like this but someone is responsible and is going to pay for what happened to me! I’m to young to have all this now and no future to look forward to anymore!