Sally K’s Story

female_1I took Cipro March 2015 for a UTI. It was 250mg 2 times a day for 7 days. I did not get well. I got worse. I developed a fever of 102.8 which was not evident until I took Cipro. I could not eat or drink. I had chills and I could not control my jaw from chattering. I have always seen an improvement in the past when I took antibiotics this was very confusing to me. My wrist started hurting for no reason and my hip starting hurting when I had done nothing to injure myself. I put a wrist splint on and had to sleep on my right side instead of my left side. After day 5 when I saw no improvement I went to see the doctor I did not take my morning dose and I did not have a fever when I saw the doctor. He gave me another script for Cipro which I was going to pick up at the pharmacy later that day. I had 4 doses left from the first batch so I took a dose after the doctor visit and the fever came back. I was resting in my bed when I was listening to TV when someone asked”have you or do you know anyone who has been hurt by Cipro?”this caught my attention and I did some online research to the point that I knew I needed to ask for a different antibiotic from my doctor and I did not finish the last 3 doses of the Cipro. He gave me Bactrim which cured my UTI with no side effects. I had been so Ill on Cipro that I had to slowly introduce food back into my life starting with apples and bananas. I could not eat the things I usually eat. I asked my grown son what he remembers during this time and he says when I told him to call 911 if he could not get a response from me. Like others, I knew something was wrong but I have never gotten this sick in the past by something that was supposed to make me well. I have lost trust in my doctor. I told him to put me down for allergy to Cipro but next time I will tell him to put me allergic to the whole FQ family since if you have been listening to all our stories the doctors are clueless about the dangers of the FQ family of antibiotics. Please please please listen to our stories. I would rather die than to be poisoned by Cipro again. Yes it was that bad. Other than controlled type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism and a cancer survivor I’m pretty healthy. I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I went through. It was a nightmare. Please protect the unsuspecting public from this unnecessary pain and agony.