Elizabeth C’s Story

Female 2I was given FQ from 2004-2006 for bronchitis/sinus infection. I was working full time, married, caring for my daughter. I enjoyed helping in my daughters school, going to parks/hiking on the weekends. By 2008 I was disabled, bed bound, in pain 24/7. I had to leave my career and required assist with personal care. I developed a painful neuropathy in both legs from the knee down causing several falls over the years, one of which fractured my tail bone. I had to use a cane when able to walk, bed rail to get in and out of bed, gave up driving, rarely left my home. I suffered vision problems, gastrointestinal issues, joint/muscle pain. I endured painful tests, countless blood tests and multitudes of doctors visits trying to find answers/assist with my pain. Over the 9y of my illness I have lost my marriage, my home, many family/friends, my career but most importantly time with my daughter. I have had to miss holidays, birthdays, school events. My life became focused on managing my health/pain. My daughter told me to never give up hope and together we continue to move forward.