Kathryn E’s Story

Female 1At my annual physical on Nov. 4, 2014 I commented on a sore throat and burning tongue that I was experiencing every morning. The doctor looked into my mouth and stated that my throat looked fine. I insisted on a throat culture. I had no other symptoms of illness, nor did I have a fever. A week later I received a phone call from a nurse stating that the culture had come back positive for pseudomonas, that it had to… See full story

Denise B’s Story

female_1In 2001 I told my doctor I get a bad reaction to cipro & amoxicillin. I had a lung infection. He gave me a drug from the same drug class & I went into a severe reaction shock . Couldn’t breathe, heart palpitations, total body ache, digestive problems. I spent 3 weeks in bed with above symptoms. The doctor said when I quit the pills, the symptoms would go away. Some of them did. I still can’t digest my food… See full story

Sandy V’s Story

Female 2I was ill about 3 months ago, (no definite problem identified). Was given an Antibiotic by a Doctor whom I (unfortunately) trusted. Three days after taking Avelox I felt like I’d been hit by a Mack truck. Sooo much pain, and it was everywhere. My hair hurt (no kidding either). Went to to “so called” Doctor who treated me like an idiot and claimed that this “could not happen”. Symptoms were serious: Heart palpitations, extreme anxiety, and depression which I’d… See full story

Jennifer H’s Story

Female 1My nightmare started in September if 2014 when I was prescribed Levaquin & Prednisone for a stubborn sinus infection at the age of 38. I ended up still needing surgery to drain my sinus and followed up with two more rounds of Cipro. My life and health declined quickly there after. I started to get burning sensations I. My hands and feet. My husband could barely touch me as I was barely handling the clothes on my body touching me.… See full story