Candice F’s Story

Female 1February 2016 began with a chronic upper respiratory infection that was not responding to amoxicillin 10 day course. Dr prescribed the Zpack and Flonase A week after completing these I was not better in fact I was worse. Symptoms now include light headed dizzy and chest pains making it extremely difficult to breath. Visit to the hospital Emergency department included a chest X-ray that diagnosed a collapsed lung and pneumonia. Began albuterol nebulizer treatments, prednisone and levoquin. Sent home to rest and recuperate after several days I was back to my PCP for a injection of antibiotics and kenalog. Five days after beginning the levoquin I suffered an injury to my Bicep simply by trying to adjust my position laying in bed. I followed up with my orthopedic specialist who don’t d X-ray and a cortisone injection. After a weeks rest I began to be somewhat more ambulatory only to experience a severe incapacitating pain in my hip. Had an X-ray followed by MRI with a diagnosis of deep edema in my thigh and knee regions. I’m still struggling to walk and am in Physical Therapy