Cheryl H’s Story

female_1I was given Cipro intravenously four years ago, to battle an internal infection I did not know I had. It had turned septic and I was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery…..and loaded with antibiotics to keep me from dying from sepsis. I was an active, healthy 54 year old woman with twin daughters in high school. From the moment I woke from the surgery I knew something was wrong. My back was in so much pain and I felt like a Mac truck had rolled over me a few times. I know I had just come through an emergency D&C, BUT this was an entire body ache. Over the course of the five day stay, my scalp would develop open sores that I was told was a reaction to the anesthetic. These open sores would continue and move down to my face for nearly 4 years, painful leaking sores that left me scarred. My back would be relentless for the next 2.5, my right tendon in my heal started to act up shortly after returning home and trying to return to my walking routine, I had to quit yoga too. It pains me to this day. The pain in my neck and right shoulder would create massive migraines, I could not eat, digest or eliminate like normal, all functions seemed to be offline. I was bedridden and my daughters became my caregivers and this would continue to this day. I have tried everything to repair my body and give it a fighting chance. I am organic, gluten free, processed food free, and now meat free for the most part. I eat as much raw as possible and gentle foods to ease digestion. I cannot travel because of bowel issues so I am pretty much sticking close to home. Even a trip to the grocery store includes a trip to the bathroom. Traveling long distance to visit friends and family is next to impossible still. As grateful as I am to the doctors and surgeon who saved my life that terrible day, the treatment has ruined my health and nearly driven me to suicide when I had lost all hope of ever not suffering every minute of every day. Why oh why are these Cancer drugs being used to make so many of us suffer with no recourse to the pharmaceutical company? Why do doctors and medical people in general including pharmacists, look at you like you are crazy when you talk to them about your adverse reaction to this family of antibiotics?? Why are they allowed to give them out for minor infections…..destroying lives in the process??!!

naturopathic medicines have done wonders for some of my symptoms but after four years of struggling, 2 years using allopathic options and 2 years naturopathic options, I was hoping for greater gains and more independence in my everyday life. I am 58 now, my daughter live with me still while attending University because I cannot live alone. I cannot work, cannot drive far, cannot fly, cannot live the life I thought I would be heading into what will now be forced early retirement. I am less able than my 83 yr old mother! Can we not do something about this for all of us who are suffering??