Joyce W’s Story

Female 4I took a total of 3 cipro for a commom uti. Swelling started in my left knee then right hand was on fire I couldn’t walk or go to bathroom on my own so I went to my local er and they immediately gave me morphene and ran tests said I was having a reaction and sent me home with pain pills. Then the next two days were hell. I couldn’t walk I was suffering like nothing I have ever experienced my husband was in tears concerned and called another hospital to see if we were covered by insurance it was an hour away. I was admitted there and stayed for one week. I had every test the doctor asked me could I have gohnereea ? Lymes? AIDS ? I had ex rays ultrasounds if kidney liver etc. my liver was elevated and they wouldn’t let me go home until it was at a normal level. They asked me if I drank a lot of alcohol . I said maybe three glasses of wine a couple times a year? Around the holidays. They gave me iv antibiotic. Not cipro though . So I could hardly wait until the next dose of pain meds I was in constant pain with my fire Hand and needed a walker to get to bathroom. I said it’s the cipro. They didn’t want to admit it. I don’t know why??? It was obvious!! But they sent me home after stopping anything Tylenol which made my liver worse. Time has been the best healer. I’m about 60 percent improved but it’s been six months. I could not walk for two months and o couldn’t use my right hand. My left rotator cuff blew out too in the hospital and my hips are killing me both knees ache and my left hand has joint pain.

I’m trying to be positive but I’m not the active person I was before cipro. I cannot do the things I used to do. I take magnesium and other vitamins and get Epsom salts baths daily. I hope to one day make a full recovery