Missy B’s Story

Female 2I posted my weird symptoms on a holistic Doctors page because I had been having autoimmune symptoms for years with no explanation. I took two doses of Cipro and went into a deadly allergic reaction. I thought my body had never fully recovered and I was experiencing PTSD from almost dying on the way to the hospital. Little did I know that the Anyphalactic Shock saved me from being disabled for life. The doctor and his colleagues told me to look up Mitochondrial Toxicity. I was floored. Looking back I remember walking out of the ER and being blinded by the sun. I couldn’t drive at night because of oncoming headlights. I experience tingling and itching all over my body. My hips are shot. I was diagnosed with SI joint dysfunction only to find out my tendons ripped. It sounds so crazy when I tell people. My doctor was out of town and her partner prescribed me this poison.