Debbie K’s Story

Female 1In May of 2016 I was in the hospital with double pneumonia , They started giving me the usual IV fluids along with IV ” LEVAQUIN ” .About halfway through the first bag I started to notice upper limb pain , primarily in my shoulders and biceps . I was hospitalized for 4 days in which they administered numerous IV doses of Levaquin During my stay I experienced (along with the upper limb pain ) hallucinations , very vivid nightmares , leg pain and weakness , muscle twitching , nausea and vomiting , severe headaches . when I was discharged from the hospital , they sent me home with a prescription pf Levaquin 750mg 1 tablet daily for 10 days , Not only did my symptoms persist but they worsened , my brain started to be effected , I could no longer think clearly , depression set in with thoughts of suicide …. which I NEVER experienced before in my life . I was TERRIFIED , I called the dr to make an appt. , in the mean time I Googled my symptoms and found out that there was hundred of thousand people suffering in the same manner that I was due to the fact that they also were given a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic ! I wanted TO SCREAM ! I was a very active 53 yr old woman with 2 grown children who enjoyed going for walks , shopping with friends and gardening … I can no longer do any of those activities . The pain in my shoulders and biceps is so intense that I need help getting dressed and undressed , even washing my own hair is out of the question due to the fact that I can no longer lift my arms above my head . Recently , I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis , I know that the Levaquin Toxicity triggered ii somehow .. To sum it up , my life has completely changed I pray that someone ,somewhere finds out how to fix all who has been harmed by this horrific drug .. someone needs to be held accountable . Thank you for your time