Kim B’s Story

female_1This nightmare started back in 2002 when I was given Cipro for either a UTI or kidney infection, my memory is shot. Up until 2014 it was mostly just the all over pains that I was told was fibromyalgia. But my memory was getting so bad it was getting embarrassing. Then in 2014 I took it for a sinus infection because I had no idea Cipro could hurt you. About a month after I took it it was like a bomb went off inside my body. Suddenly I had unexplained peripheral neuropathy, extreme fatigue, my all over body pains became almost unbearable. My cognitive skills were as if I suffered brain damage, I couldn’t even finish a sentence without forgetting simple words or what I was even talking about. Then the shoulder pains started for no reason. Here I am now in 2017 and I have a frozen shoulder that is still in the INCREDIBLY painful stage, unexplained dizziness and insomnia on top of all of the other issues. I pushed everyone away because it’s easier than canceling plans, I just want to be left alone most of the time but it does get lonely. I am 48 and I think about suicide probably weekly.This is not living anyway.