Loretta W’s Story

Female 4Hi out their I was hospitalized last year in April an may for a rupture appendix an pelvic abscess went back to work on may 28,15 a week later I started having this weird pain in my neck on both side thought they scratch my throat why in hospital so I went to my primary dr about pain in my neck all out though my ears felt like I had a ear infection so the dr really didn’t give me no answers she thought I was still healing from the rupture appendix an so did I. So I left the dr office that day only the pain got worse an it start going all over my body went to emergency room they told me the pain ion my neck was cause by infection so I was put on antibiotics. I went home only to get worse an worse I start feeling crawling tingling skin moving pain all over my body went back to primary dr did blood work an found out my sed rate was elevated so as time past more blood work she’d still rising. The pain I experience with the crawling moving skin weakness burning feeling can’t sleep heart palpitations is by far the worse feel I have ever been though I been in the dr off every since my appendix rupture all kind of pain medicine with no relief I kept wondering what trigger this pain in my body. An I would tell the drs that it did start until my appendix rupture so just the other day Dec 14 2016 I went to the hospital to see what kind of medicine the drs have me when my appendix rupture an their it was Levaquin I had been hearing about this medicine on tv so I suffer horribly since April 2015 I’m under a rheumotologist an schedule to see a neurologist I thought it would go away but it have no one time I thought I would loose my mine