Lynn F’s Story

Female 1My name is Lynn F. I am 58 years old. I live in White River Junction, Vermont. My doctor prescribed Cipro to me in June, 2014, when I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. Since then my health has deteriorated to the point that I am unable to live the life I once enjoyed and I am afraid I am going to be unable to work to earn a living. I do not want to be disabled. My doctor has dismissed my… See full story

Karen M’s Story

Female 8It was January 2010 I decided to have a long overdue hemmoroid surgery. It was to be out patient surgery. The Dr asked what reaction I had to keflex . I told him and he said he would use Levaquin. He stared at me like I should know something. He also knew the surgery was to get me back on 3 horses a day not one. I was released and went home. I starting bleeding out passed out 3 times… See full story

Brook B’s Story

Female 2I use to be a very energetic person who loved life to its fullest, I loved to run with my dogs, bike, hike, kayak pretty much anything to stay moving and be outside… that is until my life changed the fall of 2012.On 9/5/2012 I developed a strange painful rash that did have a bull eyes appearance on my back that I had looked at by a docter on 9/6/2012. He told me I had shingles or possibly Cellulitis and… See full story


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