Dillie M’s Story

Female 8I was prescribed 3 days of CIPRO in November 2010 for a UTI. No noticeable side effects at the time. My Waterloo was a 10 day round of generic 500 mg Levaquin…Levofloxacin, for a bronchitis infection in February 2012; this was prescribed to me by an excellent doctor at a very reputable clinic in Atlanta; my regular doctor, also at this same well known practice, was out of town at the time. During and especially on the 10th day of… See full story

Shan H’s Story

female_1May 2012 I purchased a hybrid bicycle for myself just prior to my fiftieth birthday. “No more excuses,” I told myself; “Its time to get fit and healthy again.” I began slowly, but worked up to riding twenty miles each outing, three to four evenings a week after work. But I was stuck at this level by what I thought was exercise-induced asthma. A hospitalist/friend recommended a local Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology specialist; Dr. K. I began to see him… See full story

Cathy S’s Story

Female 2My life changed dramatically after being put on Cipro for 30 days in 2003 following colon surgery. The next six years were filled with one joint surgery after another – 5 surgeries in total. My doctors could not figure out why my body was completely falling apart. Unfortunately, during this six year period I was put on Cipro multiple more times for unnecessary reasons – diverticulitis, uti’s etc. Then in 2009, while on my last dose of Cipro, my life… See full story