Candice F’s Story

Female 1February 2016 began with a chronic upper respiratory infection that was not responding to amoxicillin 10 day course. Dr prescribed the Zpack and Flonase A week after completing these I was not better in fact I was worse. Symptoms now include light headed dizzy and chest pains making it extremely difficult to breath. Visit to the hospital Emergency department included a chest X-ray that diagnosed a collapsed lung and pneumonia. Began albuterol nebulizer treatments, prednisone and levoquin. Sent home to… See full story

Rachelle T’s Story

female_1My Fluroquinolone Toxicity Story “Well, in 25 years of practice I haven’t seen worse. I don’t know if she will ever come out of this or if she will have permanent side effects….10-12 more hours and she would have been dead. You see this pill?” My husband nodded at the Psychiatrist that saved my life… “This will knock you out for 8 hours (my husband is a big guy!), I want you to give her two.” A couple hours later… See full story

Sum M’s Story

Female 1In November of 2013 and quite abruptly, the life I had known took a drastic turn. Unbeknownst to me and unable to pinpoint, an unrecognizable flame on a slow burn fuse had been carelessly lit that year. This fuse … saturated with oxidization was negotiating a path through my body, preparing for a pyrotechnics show of vast proportions. When it reached its end the bomb exploded in my entire body, affecting every system, every sub-system. I am still removing pieces… See full story