Marianne C’s Story

Female 1My name is Marianne and on April 11, 2017 I was given 500mg of Ciprofloxin for a sinus infection. Because my ears were very plugged my doctor also decided to give me a shot of Steroids. After taking 6 pills I had an immediate severe allergic reaction. My skin on my arms, chest, and face turned bright red. It looked like I had been in the sun for days, however I never even went outside. My skin was hot to… See full story

Debbie K’s Story

Female 1In May of 2016 I was in the hospital with double pneumonia , They started giving me the usual IV fluids along with IV ” LEVAQUIN ” .About halfway through the first bag I started to notice upper limb pain , primarily in my shoulders and biceps . I was hospitalized for 4 days in which they administered numerous IV doses of Levaquin During my stay I experienced (along with the upper limb pain ) hallucinations , very vivid nightmares… See full story

Sally K’s Story

female_1I took Cipro March 2015 for a UTI. It was 250mg 2 times a day for 7 days. I did not get well. I got worse. I developed a fever of 102.8 which was not evident until I took Cipro. I could not eat or drink. I had chills and I could not control my jaw from chattering. I have always seen an improvement in the past when I took antibiotics this was very confusing to me. My wrist started… See full story

Diane D’s Story

Female 8On August 28, 2015 after having a high fever for nearly 24 hours on and off, my husband took me to the ER and I was administered Levaquin, intravenously at 11:24 PM. My blood pressure dropped quickly and they admitted me to the hospital, critical care unit. At 1 AM I began to shake and shiver uncontrollably. My heart began to race and my breathing quickened. I could not catch my breath. After two hours they gave me Tylenol and… See full story

Paige H’s Story

female_1I am a 51-year-old woman and 5 1⁄2 years ago I was prescribed and told to take one 500 mg tablet of Levaquin per day, for five days, in April of 2010 and my life has been turned upside down ever since. I was 45 years old at the time, and had a total hysterectomy and a partial colon resection (about 4 inches) due to endometriosis. Ten days post surgery, I developed a fever and an elevated white count. The… See full story

Cherie H’s Story

Female 2My name is Cherie and I was prescribed Levequin in early June of 2015 for pneumonia. At the time I had also been prescribed Ibuprofen 800mg 3xday for the pain in my chest from coughing.(later found out Ibuprofen/NSAIDS are contraindicated in FQ) The only thing my Dr. asked me was if I was allergic to anything and I wasn’t. I was not warned of the black box warning or any potential permanent side effects. I went to the pharmacy that… See full story

Jodie M’s Story

Female 1January 31, 2014 11:40 p.m., the date and time of the ill fated day that is forever etched in my being… I woke up the morning of January 31st. 2014 with what appeared to be the beginning of a pink eye infection. I called my Dr.’s office and they called in a prescription. I picked up the prescription of Ciprofloxacin eye drops around 2pm that afternoon and began administration as per instructions. At approximately 11pm that evening I awoke to… See full story

Sonia’s Story

female_1I am 27 years old who was previously healthy and I had taken “2 doses, 500 mg each” of Ciprofloxacin for a minor UTI symptoms. 1. I was not supposed to give that strong drug for a minor cause, another doctor clarified it. 2. The dose given to me was not according to the BMI or my threshold. 3. The doctor who prescribed told me to continue my drugs when I called her if these side effects were normal. But… See full story

Chris J’s Story

male_1I am a 30 year old male firefighter in Southern California. Before I was damaged by Cipro I was in excellent health and in great shape. I had a yearly physical where I was always told I was in optimal heath. I also was very into fitness and played competitive soccer. On October 6th, 2014 I was prescribed Cipro. I had to stop taking the medication because of the adverse affect I had three weeks into my prescription. The two… See full story

Amy B’s Story

Female 1 Poisoned multiple times by FQs but majorly at age 47 and last early 2011. In 2008, I was given a few courses of Fluoroquinolone (FQ) Antibiotics (Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox) for uncultured presumptive sinus and ear infections. Neither the Urgent Care doctors nor the pharmacists mentioned any potential side effects. While taking the drugs, I noticed a slight soreness in my calves but, by December 2008, I had the following symptoms and did not make the connection: wall climbing anxiety (given… See full story