Patricia S’s Story

Female 1Nov 2013 went into surgery for a total hip replacement, followed all directions given to me physical therapy etc, I was struggling to feel better just figured it took time since it was such a major surgery. That’s where all my issues seem to have started I did request all my medical records from that surgery but was not given a list of all the meds used, just stats antibiotics etc ( I am currently seeking out this information). Lost… See full story

Cindi M’s Story

female_1I have been prescribed Cipro and other Fluoroquinolones for various infections (mostly sinus or UTI’s). After I started taking them, I had several incidents of problems with my Achilles tendons. I was not aware of any problems with taking Fluroquinolones and Achilles tendon issues until my podiatrist told me about them. Unfortunately, Cipro was the best antibiotic for treating my recurring UTI’s. In addition to problems with my Achilles tendons, I also developed terrible fatigue with joint pain. After many… See full story

David M’s Story

male_1Living life after Levaquin has been challenging to say the least. Prescribed in 2007 for an unconfirmed infection, I experienced slowly deteriorating health thereafter. The symptoms of my illness encompassed everything from neurological, muscular-skeletal, digestive, and much more. I had to retire early at the end 2012, a full decade earlier that I had anticipated.… See full story