Kim B’s Story

female_1This nightmare started back in 2002 when I was given Cipro for either a UTI or kidney infection, my memory is shot. Up until 2014 it was mostly just the all over pains that I was told was fibromyalgia. But my memory was getting so bad it was getting embarrassing. Then in 2014 I took it for a sinus infection because I had no idea Cipro could hurt you. About a month after I took it it was like a… See full story

Dee J’s Story

Female 2I was a normal, moderately active person….a young 62 year old, I was often told. That all changed on Saturday, September 7, 2013, the third day of taking an antibiotic. Around 11:00 am I walked outside to do some light yard work. I was feeling good. By 12:00 pm….one hour later I had to crawl my way back into my house. Feeling crippled and 20 years older. What had I done? I swept the sidewalk, potted some plants, and pulled… See full story