Cheryl J’s Story

Female 8My “Wall of Pain” began in July 2014. I was prescribed Levofloxin for sinus congestion. Within 2-3 days I started having some pain in my fingers and shoulders. I was told that the medicine could rarely cause some achillies pain so I did not connect it to the pain I was having. I took ibuprofen along with the levofloxin, not knowing that made reactions worse. By the 6th pill, I had extreme pain in both shoulders,all my fingers and both… See full story

William W’s Story

Male 2NO WARNING WHAT-SO-EVER On February 27, 2015, I woke up in excruciating pain, knowing something was horribly, horribly wrong. I walked to the bathroom, each step sounding like I was breaking bones in my feet, crawled back to the bedroom and have been in a wheelchair 24/7 or in bed ever since. Just days before that, as a Minnesota band director, I had been named the Schmitt Music Company’s “2014-2015 Director of the Year”, a tremendous award given to the… See full story

Vera R’s Story

female_1My name is Vera R. I took Cipro in 2007 for bladder infection. I stopped taking after first pill because I got alergic reaction. Yes, Cipro is crazily strong, my bladder infection was gone in half hour after taking first pill. It gave me brain fog instantly, my thighs were itching, i got hives, zits on my back. Fallowing days,I started getting anxiety(three or four times I had at night), I lost appetite, weight. I was sick every day for… See full story

Jeannie H’s Story

Female 8I was prescribed Avelox for a sinus infection Jan.2008. My Dr. did a Cat Scan on my sinus’ and reported that they were impacted. I had not taken an Antibiotic for years prior to this. I was very hesitant to take it, but I had taken Cipro in the past and seemed to tolerate it fine. I took my first dose and an hour later I was very dizzy, and had the shakes really bad. I did not want to… See full story

Jeannie D’s Story

Female 2On Feb. 1, 2012 I went to my doctor for a prescription renewal of my seasonal allergy med. I discussed my immune system and frequent cold/sinus issues with her, asking if she could help me figure out why I kept getting sick so often. She decided to “clean out my system” and prescribe Levofloxacin (generic form of Levaquin) and prednisone (a steroid). I was to finish these and then re-do allergy testing. After just four (4) Levofloxacin my life began… See full story