Larry A’s Story

Male 2August 28,2009 , I was a 51 year old self employed c-store owner/operator of 33 years, husband of 33 years, father of two sons. Life was not perfect but it was good. I had diabetes type 2 that I took oral medication for but that was all. I had developed neuropathy in my feet but did not take medication for this. I had experienced some mild depression due to the death of my mother and a close friend and had… See full story

Shawn R’s Story

male_1I started taking ciprofloxacin on September 21, 2015 and ceased four days later. On the last day, I had trouble getting out of bed. I was extremely fatigued, disoriented and in pain.I also passed out in mid sentence. I decided after a day of these symptoms to stop taking ciprofloxacin. I called Dr. David Smith and let him know that I would discontinue taking ciprofloxacin because of the negative reaction my body was experiencing. He expressed that he was surprised… See full story